Where to stay and what to do in Copacabana

Copacabana and Ipanema are considered to be the best places for staying in Rio de Janeiro. Both are great choices, but we think Copacabana is better for two main reasons. First, it’s considerably less expensive than Ipanema and second, it’s a neighborhood that never sleeps, in most areas of Copacabana you can walk any time of the night and there will be people walking and stores open.

Copacabana beach is divided in 5 “postos”, which are 1 kilometers marks (approximately) on the beach. If you’re staying close to the beach, staying in any of the “postos” is equally nice and safe. All of our apartments are up to 3 blocks from the beach, which is about 5 minutes walking to the beach. In all postos you’ll have easy access to all kinds of transports and will also be surrounded by all kinds of commerce such as restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets, bars, banks, etc.

Posto 1 is on the same beach but is known as a separate neighborhood called “Leme”. Leme is more of a locals area and it’s more quiet.

Posto 2 is were Copacabana starts. Postos 2 and 3 have a very similar cozy atmosphere, this is actually our favorite area. It’s where the famous Copacabana Palace hotel is located. There are many nice restaurants around, such as the barbecue steak house “Carretão”, the Lebanese restaurant “Amir” and the self service restaurant “Siqueira Grill”. Also many nice bars such as the “Imortais”, “Mud Bug” and the “Pavão Azul”. Don’t forget to grab a sandwich with meet and pineapple at “Cervantes” The subway station for this area can be both “Cardeal Arcoverde” or “Siqueira Campos” stations.

Posto 4 is more of a commercial center of Copacabana, with many clothes and home appliance stores on the main avenue Nossa Senhora de Copacabana and very busy sidewalks during the day. The subway station for this area is “Siqueira Campos” station.

Postos 5 and 6 have a similar cozy atmosphere as postos 2 and 3, with many nice restaurants such as the italian “Don Camillo” or the 24h “fast food” Stalos, and many nice bars surrounding the street “Aires Saldanha”. This area has the great advantage of being very close to Ipanema, walking distance. The subway station for this area is “Cantagalo” station.

Here is a map we prepared with some points of interest: